Palsville Paradise v2   Copy IP
offering top-notch performance and unbeatable East Coast hosting. Join our friendly Discord community and become part of engaging player base

     Step into Palsville Paradise, where infinite fun awaits in your very own Palworld Playground!

  • Server Highlights:

       Experience the pinnacle of gaming with our top performance hardware, ensuring a seamless Palworld adventure like never before. Enjoy a lag-free                   environment with our Ontario, Canada hosting, guaranteeing a low-latency gaming experience on our East Coast servers.Immerse yourself in the pure               Palworld experience with our vanilla server, no mods, just pure fun! But what sets us apart is our community-centric approach. Join a friendly and active             community of Palworld enthusiasts, where you can make new pals, form alliances, and embark on epic adventures together.

  • What Sets Us Apart:

         Keep the excitement alive with regularly hosted events and challenges. Test your skills, earn rewards, and showcase your Palworld prowess. Help us                grow by inviting your friends to join Palsville Paradise - the more, the merrier! Connect with us on social media platforms, share your Palworld moments,            and let the world know where the real action is.

       Ready to claim your spot among the elite Palworld adventurers? Join us at Palsville Paradise and embark on a Palworld journey like no other. The                    adventure awaits! Don't forget to join us on Discord to get ready to play. [Server IP: Join us on Discord] []

 - x5 ExpRate
 - x5 CatchRate
 - x3 DropRate
 - x3 Slower Pal&Player Stamina Drain
 - x3 Pal Work Speed
 - Keep Items On Death
 - Almost Instant Egg Hatch

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