Jdoran's server   Copy IP
UK 4X xp, 4x workspeed, 2x capture, extra base area

Welcome to Jdoran’s Server – your ultimate Palworld experience! 🌟

Embark on an extraordinary adventure with 4X XP to level up swiftly and 4X Workspeed to build your dream world faster. Capture Pals with ease thanks to 2X Capture Rates, and build more with bigger base area. with Death=NoLost, play fearlessly knowing your progress is safe!

Our server offers:

  • PvE to focus on exploration and cooperation.
  • 32 Slots for a lively, bustling community.
  • Anti-Cheat for fair play.
  • Open for everyone to join.

Join Jdoran’s Server now and be part of a friendly and engaging community, perfect for both seasoned players and newcomers alike! 🎮👾

Let the fun begin!

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