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MysticPals: Palworld PvE server! Catch Pals, build bases & explore together. Discord for seamless chat, live updates & map. Team up or play solo!

Welcome to MysticPals - A Dedicated Vanilla PvE Palworld Server!
Discord link -
Server Address -
Dive into the expansive world of Palworld where adventure and teamwork go hand in hand. As a dedicated Vanilla PvE server, we focus on creating a cooperative and engaging environment that encourages exploration and community building.

Server Features:

  • Real-Time Server Status Updates: Always know when you can hop into action.
  • Total Captured Mobs Tracker: Participate in our collective effort to capture and catalog every Pal.
  • Active Online Player Count: Stay informed about community activity and peak play times.
  • Comprehensive Base Count: Explore and contribute to our growing number of bases.
  • Leaderboard of Top 3 Players: Strive to be among the best and get recognized for your achievements.
  • Seamless In-Game & Out-of-Game Communication: Use our dedicated #💬︱ingame-chat channel for smooth interactions.
  • Verification & Roles Bots: Get verified quickly and customize your roles for a personalized experience.
  • Scheduled Restarts: Plan your game time with our scheduled restarts, ensuring smooth gameplay.
  • Live Map Feature: Navigate and discover every corner with our live map of base locations.

Whether you're here to forge alliances or conquer challenges solo, MysticPals is your gateway to an immersive Palworld experience. Connect, play, and grow with us in a world where your Pals are waiting for adventure!


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