❤️ EU [PVE] MirthGrove ❤️   Copy IP
❤️server has password to see password join discord server https://discord.gg/R3JRsJRymC ❤️

❤️global EU server everyone welcome located at Turkey ❤️
Server settings

* No item drop on death *
* Breeding Rate x4
* rest of rates are default *
* the amount of pals you can have in your base (15 to 20)*

*server specs -best specs possible-*
* 13th gen intel core i9 - 13900KS *
* Samsung 2TB 990 PRO NVMe2.0 SSD (read 7450MB / write 6900MB) *
* GSKILL (4x16GB) TRIDENT Z5 Black DDR5 6800MHz CL34 1.40V RGB PC Ram 64gb ram total *

my goal is creating a chill Game community in general
i have no tolerance against racism & Hacking & Duping & using exploits & bugs its ok to go chill with community and chat just theres allways limits overdoing it no good there

Have fun !


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