[EU] The Chapel [PVP]

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[EU] The Chapel = Working PVP = 24/7 Dedicated = New Server = Harder Mobs = Better Gameplay

About The Chapel The Chapel has been created along with our newly built dedicated server which will be getting even more upgrades in the near future. A group of friends brought together from several gaming communities, most of whom are working parents who want smooth gameplay and fun experiences. There is no pressure to "get gud" or to join voice, we just want others to share the experience of enjoying games and the occasional competitive gameplay. Starting with our Hard - PVP Palword server and looking for a Hardcore 1life variant in the near future.


~Day/Night are 50% longer

~Exp reduced by 30%

~Capture Rate Increased 40%

~Pal Spawns Increased 50%

~Incoming damage 200%

~HP regen reduced 20%

~Drops/Gathering Increased by 50%

~Work Rate Increased by 50%

~Hunger reduced 50%

~Death Penalty = Items and Equipment Dropped

~PVP Is enabled and working

~Huge Egg Hatch time = 24 hours

~Breeding Time = 150 seconds Rules

~No griefing other players (e.g. camping their base).

~No Racism, Sexism or Homophobic Slurs.

~Hacking, Cheating, Exploiting, Doxing or using Game Mods for an unfair Advantage.

~No Capturing Tower Bosses.

Additional Information

Game FPS - 120

Dedicated 12core 64GB RAM Server - likely to improve soon

32 Slots (for now)

Released as of 03/02/2023

Multiple Daily Backups

Online 24/7

No Password - unless hackers become an issue

New Player Friendly

Currently 12 hour restarts

1gbps Connection

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