[US] [PvE] Palworld for Casuals

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Welcome! Here's yet another 'casual' palworld server (YAPS)

Welcome! Here's yet another 'casual' palworld server (YAPS).

Feel free to come as an individual player or as a group or friends! All are welcome (except griefers/trolls/cheaters)

- No wipes
- Password protected
- US based players preferred! (to reduce lag)
- Server based in US-Nevada, players near or in this location would have the best experience.
- Server is restarted nightly to reduce lag and memory leaks (during off-peak times).
- Multiple backups daily.
- Server settings configured to improve quality of gameplay.
- 32 Player Slots.
- Near 24/7 uptime - (except server updates/maintenance)


To obtain access, please ask for the password via Discord .

Discord: https://discord.gg/Ru8pfDHrp6

- NOTE: This is not an established nor a popular community, just a dude with extra server space who is more than happy to share for other like-minded casual players :)

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