Paldium Paradise   Copy IP
Vanilla+ Server (Hatching (Huge Egg = MAX 4 hours), Spawn Rates (1.25x), Catch Rates (1.1x) Stamina/Hunger Decrease Slower (0.85x), Drop Items only on Death.), looking for active players!

Setting Modifications Consider it Vanilla+ (mostly quality of life changes but keeping the intended nature of the game)

  • Catch rate increased by 10%
  • Pal spawn rate increased by 25%
  • Stamina/Hunger decrease 15% more slowly
  • Egg hatching rate increased (Huge egg MAX 4 hours hatch time)
  • Drop only items on death
  • Subject to change based on server member polls/needs

Server Details

  • IP Address and Password: ⁠ see discord
  • 24/7 Server
  • NA Based (Los Angeles Based)
  • Scheduled server reboots every 8 hours (6AM, 2PM, 10PM PST), with scheduled back-ups daily. Plan to have in-game events (exp. boosted weekends or holidays, for example)


  • No griefing/harassment.
  • No cheating.
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