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Welcome to Dopefish Gaming: Explore, Build, Thrive! 24/7 Uptime

✨ Welcome to Dopefish - Your Premier Gaming Community! ✨


✨ Get ready for high FPS servers and unmatched gaming experiences! ✨


New Features:

✨Custom Anti-Cheat: Ensuring fair gameplay for all.

✨Increased Building HP: Customize your stronghold's durability.

⏱️ Active/Growing Community: Join our thriving community of gamers!

✨24/7 Uptime: Experience uninterrupted gaming sessions.

⏳ Stay tuned for more updates!


Plus, enjoy custom script modifications for maximum gaming experience!


Server Specs:

✨16 core 4.7GHz CPU

✨128GB RAM

✨1TB NVMe Storage

✨1Gbps Internet in Central Europe


✨Dive into excellence with Dopefish! ✨


✨Join us at✨

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